Take low cost market sector in autospares business. Create best site with best prices for choosing non-original autospares.
Implement advanced interface for choosing compatible spare parts for all cars.

The company "Automaga" supply more than competitive and compatible spare parts for all makes of cars since 1970. Low cost spare part are extremely popular in Russian Federation what makes selling this type of products very profitably.

It so happens that the original spare parts for cars costs much more than fully compatible, but not original. Site Automag automated feature selection of original and non-original spare parts. Main advantage of the site is system of choosing compatible spares. Sometimes find needed spare is very difficult because one spare part can be produced by a lot of manufacturer. The site is oriented not only for individual consumers but also for garages (good conditions for wholesale buyers). We implemented special back-end interface for garages what makes ordering spare parts very comfortably.

We made site using responsive design technology. It means that site has perfect face on each device: desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone etc.

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