Toddy Gear - Microfiber cleaner for touch screens

Promote a brand new product on the market of accessories for mobile gadgets
Actualize product using for each customer. Oportunity order napkins with custom images (Company logotype for example).

Toddy Gear Store – here you can purchase or order branded napkins for a variety of mobile gadgets, including the iPad and iPhone. The patented two-sided microfiber cloth with a special antibacterial covering helps owners of the gadgets not only remove fingerprints and other dirt from the touch screen, but also remain stylish. In addition, the customers of the store have an opportunity to order a napkin with their own image or pursuant to the individual design of the customer, which can be painted by oneself as well as one can use ready-made templates.

We have implemented on the Toddy Gear website:

• Advanced catalog

Visitors can sort the products according to the collection, style, picture and size. This simplifies the search significantly among the variety of goods and allows you to monitor popular items.

• AJAX shopping cart

An effective and functional shopping cart for orders. The purchase can be made directly from the pages of the catalog, adding items with one click, and then the name and price of the item will be displayed when you pass the mouse on the shopping cart. In the block of the shopping cart one can change the number of ordered goods and the total amount of the order will be changed automatically.

• Popular methods of payment acceptance are integrated.

You can pay the order in the Toddy Gear store by means of payment cards, which are used all over the world: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as through PayPal.

• Permanent ongoing shares are implemented.

The store has a system of discounts through coupons, and anyone who buys two napkins from the catalog will receive a small microfiber cloth as a gift!  Gift assignment happens automatically when you add any two goods to the cart.

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