Development of modules for the company Oriflame

Create good photogallery using custom JavaScript, create report system for dealers

The Oriflame company is one of our best customers. In close cooperation with them another high-tech site has appeared - Oriflame VIP and a number of other equally important projects. At first sight a routine assignment required quite extraordinary solutions that we have provided at the end of the work. The originality of this decision was to make the site stable and fault-tolerant.

A module of automatic distribution is implemented on the site Oriflame VIP. It allows sending updates automatically to social networks integrated with the site, and doing mailing to all addresses entered in the database. The module of automatic distribution Drupal allows notifying customers about updates and shares quickly held by the Oriflame company.

VIP-gallery on Drupal makes it easy to integrate photo albums and catalogs of the latest edition to the site. With its help the site got an opportunity to publish images both by following a link and downloading from a server or computer.

Additionally, bulk loading of files is also possible, which is especially important when placing catalogs.

Gallery on Drupal gives an opportunity to the user to specify the number of rows and columns by himself/herself which will be displayed on the site, as well as automatically generate pages of collections of media (audio, video, photo galleries).

Implemented by us on the website Oriflame Drupal gallery supports almost all the formats used by users, and allows one to integrate to the gallery photo and video from social networks.

When working at the website Oriflame we have applied all our knowledge and managed to implement unconventional approaches to solving problems. Both the customers and our team were satisfied with the result of the work.

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