Author's Stephen Glain - famous American writer, journalist and publicist.

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Stephen Glain’s website, American journalist and publicist, was made in the form of an information blog. Stephen Glain constantly visits different countries, among which there are third world countries. Stephen’s books are about them, and their not always easy relations with the United States. His books and publications are not the stories of a traveler, but a sharp and true view on the developing countries and the difficult situation in which their citizens have to live.

His book about Damascus in 2004 was the best according to the opinion of an online-magazine Globalist. His articles are regularly printed by publications such as The New Republic, The Atlantic Monthly, The Nation, Financial Times, Gourmet Magazine, The Globalist.

Thanks to the site, his fans can find out all the latest information about the writer from the first person, and also have the opportunity to ask questions in person to Stephen.

During the work at the Stephen Glain’s website we have implemented:

• Categories of articles - all articles are grouped by topics and dates added. Visitors will be able to find easily all the information they need.

• Section "Biography", where you can get acquainted not only with the dry facts of Stephen’s life, but also read some fascinating stories.

• Slide show is the opportunity to view images in a slideshow.

• Image Gallery with an opportunity to upload photos with the help of service This service allows you to upload and edit photos, to indicate photo reference to the region, to create comments to the image.

The site contains Stephen Glain’s blog in which he shares his thoughts with the readers, the publications of his recent articles, and a section with books description and direct links to the stores where the books can be purchased.

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