In our work we follow agile methods of development. It allows our clients to make corrections on any stage of development, so - the development process becomes clear to the customer.The important point is that the customer involved in the development at each stage.

Our method of work allows the programmer to communicate with the client, without managers, which has a good effect on the speed of completion and cost of the site.

The process of creating the site in practice

  1. Introducing each other
  2. Discussing the idea and objectives of the project
  3. Writing a work plan

Then the whole process of going through a tracker it looks approximately like this Vimeo

The general view of the process

  • 1a. Requirements gathering and wishes
  • 1b. Determine the possibility of realisation
  • 1c. Timing and planning
  • 2a. Design and graphic part
  • 2b. Development of software part
  • 2c. website SEO SMM 
  • 2d. documenting
  • 3a Developer testing
  • 3b Client's quality control

If necessary improvements, we return to the first point. Our method - cyclic system - usually within one project. We pass from the first to the third point of about 3-5 times.

As one of our specialties is supporting development projects, цe often divide tasks into several parts. Thus, we always provide new versions of the product to users.

Scientifically speaking, our system of development is called Scrum.